Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Day of School

The first day of school was August 18th. This year was a lot easier since both kiddos went to school here last year. We started the morning with our annual back-to-school breakfast!

Then it was time to take the obligatory first day pictures! Love this big boy!

And this girl looks so old, where have the years gone???? Love her!

We almost forgot her necklace that she wears every year for the first day. 

Outside of her classroom. This year her class is downstairs!

Miss Steinhoff and Chloe. This is Miss Steinhoff's 6th year teaching. She will be getting married next summer and moving to Dallas!

Chloe's morning work and daily agenda:

Coleman's class was a lot busier! It was hard to get a picture in front of his class.
          Coleman and Mrs. Seizinger

Clay needed a picture too. He needed everyone to see his new backpack and water bottle!

Coleman working on his morning work!

I got one last picture of him working before I left!

After we dropped the kids off this big boy got a haircut. I just asked for a trim, but she kept cutting and cutting!

We picked the kids up, YEAH!!!!!

And then of course we had to go to the pool to relax and unwind!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dallas Mission Trip #2

We took our second trip to inner city Dallas to work with Cornerstone Church this last weekend. We sorted clothes, painted a house, served in the soup kitchen, worked on an apartment and visited a nursing home.