Saturday, March 21, 2009

Letter of the Week: S


We have been working on the letter S this week. I thought we would make a snake, but Chloe was insistent on making a swan. She knew all on her own that Swan begins with a S!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tracing our name

I have been trying to get Chloe to write her name. I thought maybe I would try this approach she did copy it once. I guess that is a good start! I put her name both upper and lower case on a piece of paper and then put wax paper on top. I let her use a sharpie (a rare moment) to trace on the wax paper. Luckily our clothing was sharpie free!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I have always felt like I have had the punies eyelashes! I remember one time in high school one of my best friends told me I really should start using mascara, and I told her I was wearing it. That is how short my eyelashes are people! So, I am always looking for the latest and greatest mascara out there. Sorry for the blurry picture this was taken with my phone.
I will start with the red tube, LOREAL Double Extend. This is a two step process and works great. I felt like my lashes were lengthened. The only problem was taking it off. I did not read the directions and tried to take it off with vaseline (how I normally remove my mascara). I was so freaked out b/c I thought my eyelashes were coming off. Really, they were little tubes of mascara. I had to stop using this b/c I never felt like I could get all the tubes off and felt like they got in my eyes.
The second container is Maybelline's Intense XXL. I use this one. I like it. I don't feel like my lashes look like they could grace the cover of a magazine, but they do feel a little longer. It is much easier to clean off as well!
So, there you have it! If you know of a great mascara let me know!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eggs and E

My friend Cheyenne suggested that I teach lowercase letters with the uppercase ones so here is
my first attempt at that.

Supplies: cleaned out egg shells, glue, construction paper, paintbrush.

I put the glue down and told Chloe to paint within the lines.

Then she added the crushed up shells.

Our final result. I thought this project might get a little messy, but it wasn't at all! I am hoping that she will learn both the lowercase and uppercase at the same time!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Warm and fuzzy E

Elmo begins with an E!

All you need for our fuzzy E is a piece of red foam, red feathers, two googly eyes, an orange piece of foam and some glue.
First I cut out the foam E

I put the glue on and Chloe put the creature together.

So here is our version of Elmo!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Letter of the week

Guess what letter we have been studying?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Product Review


I am going to start doing some product review on this blog, feel free to comment if you have ever used any of the items. First up is this set of paints my daughter got for her birthday. I really love the concept of them. You just squeeze the bottle and the paint comes out. They work really great. They are washable, which is a must with a 3 year old!
The only negative is I am not really sure how to properly clean them. I am afraid to use to much water b/c I don't want the water getting down into the paint. I always feel the need to end on a negative, it must be from my sorority days of pro, con, pro! I do love the assortment of colors and they are nice vivid colors on paper! Definitely a great craft item!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday Party Ideas


So, I have not realized I have had some comments on my blog. I didn't have my e-mail notification turned on. Here are a few pics from my daughter's cooking party. Really these are not the greatest pics, but I wanted you to see a few ideas!

First, the birthday table cloth. I started this on her first birthday and every year she puts a new hand print on it.

The next thing were these easy to make chef hats that cost me nothing! I had tons of tissue paper and even had some poster board. I cut a three inch high strip of poster board. Then I measured it around my daughter's head. I then taped the tissue paper on the inside and folded it over. I figured the kids would not want to wear them, but surprisingly they did! I also made each kid an apron and gave them a wooden spoon. Everything was really cheap!

I made these chef cupcakes from one of my new favorite books, Hello Cupcake! Super easy and super cute! More ideas will be coming b/c my son will be one in April and we are having a golf themed party for a Hole in ONE! Let me know if you have any ideas!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Letter O

First let me apologize about how dark and shadowy these pictures are! We decided to study the letter O this week and make an owl. This was really easy and probably I did most of the work. I cut out all of the shapes out of fun foam. I put globs of glue and let Chloe put the pieces on the O. Pretty easy stuff!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

L is for Lime

I have really been slacking with teaching Chloe her ABC's. So, we decided to start with her name. We didn't do much for C, b/c I really felt like she knew C pretty well. We started with H's and did hearts the week of Valentines. This past week we did L. I thought I would try a variation on apple printing. I made a big L and let her use limes to stamp. The best way to reinforce the letters with Chloe is to letter hunt whenever we read. She has gotten pretty good at these three letters, so we are going to move onto the letter O next.