Sunday, March 1, 2009

L is for Lime

I have really been slacking with teaching Chloe her ABC's. So, we decided to start with her name. We didn't do much for C, b/c I really felt like she knew C pretty well. We started with H's and did hearts the week of Valentines. This past week we did L. I thought I would try a variation on apple printing. I made a big L and let her use limes to stamp. The best way to reinforce the letters with Chloe is to letter hunt whenever we read. She has gotten pretty good at these three letters, so we are going to move onto the letter O next.


  1. Great idea! Okay, you have to post on this blog more frequently - I'm looking for ideas!!

  2. love the idea! Maybe even my anti-art child will be into this...even if for only a few minutes! Not sure if this will confuse her, but you might try doing the lowercase at the same time as the capital. It took Avery a lot longer to learn her lowercase and I wish we would've done them together.