Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday Party Ideas


So, I have not realized I have had some comments on my blog. I didn't have my e-mail notification turned on. Here are a few pics from my daughter's cooking party. Really these are not the greatest pics, but I wanted you to see a few ideas!

First, the birthday table cloth. I started this on her first birthday and every year she puts a new hand print on it.

The next thing were these easy to make chef hats that cost me nothing! I had tons of tissue paper and even had some poster board. I cut a three inch high strip of poster board. Then I measured it around my daughter's head. I then taped the tissue paper on the inside and folded it over. I figured the kids would not want to wear them, but surprisingly they did! I also made each kid an apron and gave them a wooden spoon. Everything was really cheap!

I made these chef cupcakes from one of my new favorite books, Hello Cupcake! Super easy and super cute! More ideas will be coming b/c my son will be one in April and we are having a golf themed party for a Hole in ONE! Let me know if you have any ideas!

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