Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am hoping the remnants of the freezer paper will come off in the wash:)

Could this little guy be any cuter?

Our MOPS group is starting up tomorrow. This year and last we have started tmaking shirts for your kids to wear so that the teachers know their names. We use stamps to create the shirts, but this year I decided to try and use a freezer paper stencil. I wanted to get mine done ahead of time since I help with the meetings I didn't think I would have time tomorrow.

I should not have used black shirts, too hard for the paint to show up. Chloe's looks okay, Coleman's not so great. Anyone have any great ideas on how I should help cover up where his went out of the stencil. I thought about sewing some buttons on it to help hide the mistake, but I don't want it to look girly. Give me your thoughts:)

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  1. I think they turned out great! Way better than my attempt:)