Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I am so far behind on blogging so this post is going to be full of pictures.

The night before our Christmas in T-Town the kids gave the presents they bought for each other.
Chloe got Coleman these OU blocks.

She gave Clay what he loves-candy!

Coleman got Chloe her beloved Boo!
 She bought Daddy a chocolate bar that looked like money.

Some of my favorite ornaments this year:

Santa left these gifts for us:

Stockings were full of great treats, like Coleman's mini-frying pan!

How did Santa know that Coleman would want a Bill Bates
tackle buddy?

After our T-Town Christmas, we headed South
to Maw Maw and Bubba's house.

If only my kids could get some gifts, they are so deprived.

Merry Christmas!

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