Sunday, March 31, 2013


This was our first Easter to have no one in town.
Normally, Coleman's birthday party is the same weekend, but Easter was so early this year.
We dyed eggs.
Yes, Coleman isn't wearing a shirt.
My need for a stain free shirt won over a cute picture.

Easter Baskets:

Our Easter egg hunt was indoors.
I only have pictures of Clay, 
because by the time it was the big kids
 turn we were all sorta melting down.

Clay likes to sit in the sound booth and watch Veggie Tales.

Colt and Clay joined in the hunt together.

Easter Lunch at our house.
Normally, my mom fries chicken.
This year we just had ham as our meat.
We had two families over from our church.
We had French Silk pie, which has become our families tradition for dessert.

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