Friday, September 6, 2013


There have been some conversations lately that I don't want to forget. One just happened between Coleman and Clay. 

Clay just dumped out all of Coleman's baseball cards and ripped one. Coleman pretty much lost it and exclaimed, "my baseball cards, do you know how much those meant to me?". Poor Coleman!

Coleman sat by a classmate named Hannah. I asked if she was nice. He said,  "yes, aren't all girls nice?". I wish!
The next day he wanted to invite her over for a play date.

Clay has two main things he says a lot. One is "That hurt a little bit". He says that a lot. The other thing is "that's to much". He says that if it is to much or if it isn't enough. He can't understand the difference. 

Chloe wore her cross necklace to school the other day and witnessed to a kid. She said he didn't believe in God, but she was going to keep trying. Sweet Girl!

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