Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 years old

Clay is three! That seems so old for my baby! This has been quite the year for him! He broke his arm, gave up his paci, potty trained like a pro, went to Disney World, transitioned to a toddler bed, and so much more. He is a bundle of energy! Sometimes I call him my little Taz!  He went from being a grumpy old man, to a chatterbox boy. He has had quite the transition!   He has decided he does love his mom, and has become quite snuggly with me. Finally, I'm getting some of the attention he has only wanted to give to Cole. 

I love this sweet boy! I love how he plays with his siblings! He really does love them! I also love how they play with him and are always making sure he's okay. 

His favorite food is still Mac and cheese. He loves Green, Jesus Loves Me, Sandra Boynton books, dinosaurs, Veggie Tales, scout the dog, and the Disney Castle! Can't wait to see how he changes and grows this year!

Clay had his 3 year check up a couple of weeks after his birthday. He was quite the chatterbox! The doctor and nurses were quite amused with him. His doctor noticed his right eye turns out a little bit so in a couple of weeks he has to see the pediatric optometrist. 
54% weight and 75% height

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