Thursday, October 30, 2014

Going Away Party

It was hard to believe that we lived in Tulsa almost 12 years.  It really was such a great time of our lives. We had all 3 children in Tulsa. We bought our first house in Tulsa.  We made lifelong friends. Our kids went to preschool here, started their Elementary school careers here.  It was an emotional goodbye.

 Several people talked including: Jim Smith, Brian Morris, Mark Kaiser,
Jamie Pendleton, and Diane and Rick Frie.

 My kids got some great going away gifts.  Chloe received an OK charm for her bracelet and a jacket.  Coleman received a basketball signed by kids, some mini-football helmets and a basketball game. Clay received a Ninja Turtle toy and Ninja turtle bedding.
I received some beautiful bracelets.  

Thanks Jenks for being so good to us!

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