Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coleman's 7th Birthday

I haven't blogged in so long, so I hope to at h up soon. Coleman had a 2 day birthday celebration with a party coming in a few weeks. On Monday night poor boy got the stomach bug. The only good thing was he wasn't sick on his actual birthday! On the 7th family came over for his requested meal of sloppy joes, tater tots, creamed corn and roasted broccoli. I offered to make a cake and all he wanted was some leftover lemon cake. Ok that's easy!  We also had ice cream sundaes. After his dinner we went to his baseball game. Coleman did awesome. We realized on Monday he is the youngest player on the team. He played his usual position of pitcher then got switched to short stop. He got a diving catch which apparently is a big deal. He ended up getting the team ball for the catch! Coleman doesn't like attention and having to go get the game ball I could tell was embarrassing for him. I am so proud of my 7 year old!

He got a new baseball bag which he was super happy about!

          Last sleep as a 6 year old!
He insisted on breakfast in bed. He wanted pink milk and cereal. I asked him if it was awesome as an idea as he thought. He said not really. 

School lunch with my big boy-his fave chick-fil-a!

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