Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open Ended Art-Crayons


This weeks theme for Open Ended Art was Crayons. I thought that I would let my girl pick some flowers (one of her favorite things to do) and try to do some rubbings. This worked for a few minutes then she decided to try coloring on the flowers. She then moved to one of her other things to do-trace hands. I am a little scared at the hand she did for me. Coleman decided he was going to throw the crayons today. In his defense he has not been feeling well. Next week is mosaics: pebbles. Since I have no pebbles I am going to have to go on a hunt!


  1. cute! :) I love those flowers they are pretty!
    you can go on a pebble hunt walk around the neighborhood! or use what ever you can find i'm not a stickler as long as it is open ended and follows the theme somewhat like just a mosaic of flowers? :)

  2. Yeah, we've had weeks when my youngest just enjoyed throwing things instead of learning/creating too:-). You win some, you lose some, right:-)?!

  3. The rubbings is a great idea! Looks like you still had a lot of fun! *Ü*

  4. I liked the pictures - your girl looks so thoughtful in them. Maybe better luck will befall everyone with pebbles :)