Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Open Ended Art-Yellow with mixed media

My little man is ready to create with his apron and shoes on! I am glad we had the art apron on!!


So, this go around we did yellow with mixed media. Wasn't too sure about what to do with this one. I just put out different things my big girl could create with. I really had to try and not get frustrated, b/c she wasn't creating on the paper I wanted her to use. I am trying to get them to do at least some work on paper to make a book for them. She decided she was going to paint and use construction paper to make her one of a kind creation. Today I gave her another go at it with some yellow paint mixed with sand. I find that she starts off by painting things, for example today was an easter egg, then she just completely covers the page with paint. So, I feel like all of our pages are going to look the same. Any ideas for this, or should I let her do her thing?

My little boy once again was doing great for about five minutes. I let him only have paint and crayons.

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  1. I think you should just let her do her thing, I think that is the goal with this. Also, as long as she is enjoying what she is doing that is all that matters :) It looks like they had fun.

  2. That apron is adorable! They always look like they are concentrating so hard on their work:-).

  3. Just let her do her own thing. That's what open ended art is all about, and she is truly gaining so much from it. I love watching little guys paint, I NEED to get some good paint aprons like that.

  4. Welcome to open-ended art. It's the same here - if paint is involved (especially a finger paint), all the page is covered. I used to get frustrated, but now I just let her have a go at it and have separate time for mama-led projects with directions.

  5. I love that apron! You know, if she is doing the same thing for all her pages, you could just make a note of that in the book you are making, then years from now when you look at it, you will both probably get some great laughs! :) And letting her do her own thing now will let her develop her skills, find what she likes, and she'll reap the benefits in the future. You are doing a great job, and their artwork looks great too!!

  6. great job! that is a great way to do mix mediums just put a bunch of things out!

    love the apron! :) we need to get a art smock! :)