Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 2 St Louis Trip

For our second day of our vacay we got up and headed to Grant's Farm. It was a fun place to take our kids. If you go get an Internet coupon for 5$ off parking. The park entrance is free. The first thing you do is take a tram ride around the park to see lots of animals. My kids loved this. When the tram ride is over you get dropped off at the park itself. We then headed over to the carousel.

The Farm is like a mini-zoo. We walked around and looked at the animals and then went to see the bird show. I'm so glad we went to the show. 

                 Parrot roller skating!

 They asked for volunteers and so Chloe shot her hand up. She was in a rat race where she and another girl let a rat race on their arms and back-eeekkk!!!

After Grant's Farm we went 

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