Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Drillers vs. Corpus Christi


We were able to go with our youth group last night to the Drillers game. I talked Coleman in to go sit on front row by third base, so we had very close seats. I knew with his cuteness factor that one of the third base coaches would give him a ball. He stood there with his glove out-so cute! A Corpus player gave him the first ball. Then a Drillers coach gave him a ball. We couldn't believe we were lucky enough to get 2 balls. 

We decided to go walk and get a treats. As we were deciding on what to eat we saw Mr. Jamie run and catch a ball, which he gave to Clay.  Wow, 3 balls! We sat down with our yummy ice cream and managed to get on the big screen with the hug cam. Then a Corpus Coach gave Coleman another ball! We had quite the night, Coleman was beyond excited! As we were leaving we got # 12 on the Corpus team to sign a ball. He was a catcher and I'll have to look up his name. Maybe he will be big time someday. This was by far the most exciting Drillers game we have been to!

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