Thursday, July 10, 2014


The last weekend of June my college friends and I had a girls weekend. We wanted a very low-key weekend, so we headed to Corsicana. We had such a fun time and did lots of laughing!!!

On our way we saw a sign for the Lake and Jess said, that was the worst lake! It was great to tell her that is where we were headed. I'm pretty sure she will always win the funniest comment on every trip. 

We are not A&M girls, but Holly posed like we were!

We all brought a fave thing to share, they had to be 10$ or less.
The is Scone. Jess made her family recipe, that I would like to rename Cake!

If was incredibly windy, but we needed a picture by the lake. 

I loved my weekend with these girls! They are such a blessing to me!!!

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