Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break part 2

After we went to the zoo and had naps we headed to the science museum, also free! This city has so many free things to do. I'm glad it was free because although it had some fun things, it was a little old for my kids.

The next day we went to the City Museum. This is a fun place, but it is so hard to describe. It is a kids dream! So many structures for kids to climb up and on.

They also have a free art space where you can create, which was great for this creative girl!

Clay needed a little pixie stick chug to refuel!

After the city museum we had a picnic by the arch.
After ther arch we headed back to the church to prep for the afternoon canvassing.

After dinner we went back to our hotel. This had to be the best hotel we've stayed at. The customer service was amazing!!!! The housekeeping always arranged my kids stuffies. At 8pm every night they had milk and cookies, big hit with my kids.

We did a little hotel swimming, I love how kids look in goggles!!! Again, only kid who will pose!

After dinner we had Ted Drewes. In the line a pair of undies fell out of Clay's pants. It was hilarious. I guess a pair was stuffed in there. He had undies on too. A guy next to us thought Clay was so cool for doing that. I'm pretty sure Clay thought he was odd. We headed back and went to sleep!

The next day we headed home. We stopped at the world's largest candy store (it wasn't that large). Clay picked a lollipop and was in heaven!

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