Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sweet Clay

I was going through my photos and saw a lot of Clay. Even though he doesn't always willingly pose, some times I can sneak some quickly. We spend so much time together and so we do so much together. I don't think I ever did a birthday post so here is all about Clay post. He is 3 years and 3 months old. He can be so vocal sometimes. He is always a chatterbox with me, but doesn't usually talk to others. When we went for his 3 year check-up he was very chatty with his doctor. She was so impressed with how he talked and how he acted. It was a proud mommy moment! 

Clay loves to juice!!!! He would use the juicer everyday if he could!

He loves candy!!!! He's not really a chocolate boy, more of a straight up sugar kid. He especially loves lollipops!

He loves to drink water out of the sink-weird!

He also loves to cook. He gets pretty mad when some one else wants to help cook. He can have a smidge of a temper.

I have several pics of him sleeping, but he really is not much of a sleeper. He can thrive on less sleep than my other kids. Poor me, I love sleep! He still takes a nap everyday though.

He loves green and especially green characters like Brobee and Larry. Pretty much everyday is St. Patricks day for Clay.

               He loves play dough.

Some other random photos. He is such a ham. He really is my wildest child. He can be extremely loud! You always know when Clay is around. He does not like when I use a quiet voice aka whispering. The only time I hear him whisper is when he says let me whisper a secret in your ear, it is always "I love you". Sweet boy!

He loves whip cream! He likes chicken nuggets and Mac and Cheese. He is crazy about mini pepperonis. He wakes up and wants to eat something right away. He also would eat all day if I let him. He loves yogurt and cheee sticks too!

He loves to watch movies and loves to look at the movies.

He loves preschool. He has come a long way with this one! He loves his teachers!

I sure do love this baby boy of mine. He keeps me on my toes, but he is a lot of fun!

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