Monday, June 8, 2009

Going Away

I know this picture isn't the easiest to identify, but it is a bag of gifts. My husband and I are going overseas for 8 days and I have never left my kids that long. I am so anxious about it!!!!! So, I thought I would have a gift for my daughter to open everyday so she has something to look forward to. I hope this works:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fish Day

Our day was all about:


Breakfast: cheese toast

We did some fish drawings together

Our fish books

Field trip: we went to the pet store to look at some real fish

Coleman enjoyed the fish too!

Sorting fish into colors

Lunch: Sandwich shaped like a fish, cantaloupe cut like fish, goldfish, jello fishbowl

Holding up her own little fishbowl of jello with Sweedish fish swimming in it.

Art project: painted the ocean, glued on fish and then glued on this net that we captured the fish with.

Afternoon snack: Nemo fruit chews

Dinner (doesn't look that great in the pic, but tasted good): fish, more jello with fish in it and more cantaloupe shaped like fish.