Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chloe's Ocean of commotion

Chloe had her 2nd grade musical today. She was chosen as a clown fish and had quite a few lines! I was proud of how well she quickly memorized them. She is quite the ham!

On a side note this was Coleman's first time to watch his sister perform in an assembly. It is fun to think of them at the same school together. He still gets excited when he sees her throughout the day. He sat so still for the whole assembly.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1st Haircut

Today I made the mistake of trimming Clay's hair. He turned his head and it instantly became a disaster! So, we had to make an emergency run to Great clips. This was his first real haircut! I thought he would freak out, but turns out this boy likes a haircut. It will need to grow out a little on the left before it looks completely normal, but at least this looks a lot better.  Lesson Learned!!!!


I was cleaning out the millions of notebooks Chloe has and ran across her first grade journal. I could have taken pics of every page they were all so sweet! She talks a lot about the Bible and I love that her teacher responded that she loves the Bible too!

I love Chloe's journal and her heart!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 years old

Clay is three! That seems so old for my baby! This has been quite the year for him! He broke his arm, gave up his paci, potty trained like a pro, went to Disney World, transitioned to a toddler bed, and so much more. He is a bundle of energy! Sometimes I call him my little Taz!  He went from being a grumpy old man, to a chatterbox boy. He has had quite the transition!   He has decided he does love his mom, and has become quite snuggly with me. Finally, I'm getting some of the attention he has only wanted to give to Cole. 

I love this sweet boy! I love how he plays with his siblings! He really does love them! I also love how they play with him and are always making sure he's okay. 

His favorite food is still Mac and cheese. He loves Green, Jesus Loves Me, Sandra Boynton books, dinosaurs, Veggie Tales, scout the dog, and the Disney Castle! Can't wait to see how he changes and grows this year!

Clay had his 3 year check up a couple of weeks after his birthday. He was quite the chatterbox! The doctor and nurses were quite amused with him. His doctor noticed his right eye turns out a little bit so in a couple of weeks he has to see the pediatric optometrist. 
54% weight and 75% height

Clay's Green Party

For Clay's party we had a green/Veggie Tale party. It was very low key! Poor kids who have birthdays by Christmas, luckily he doesn't care!

First up, a Veggie Tale Coloring Contest:

            Clay chose the winners!

All he requested for his party was a green cake with green candles-easy kid!

When family asked what Clay wanted for his birthday basically we said if it's green he will love it! The biggest hit was his Scout dog! 

We had a great time celebrating our sweet 3 year old! It got a bit chaotic because Cole's grandfather had a nosebleed that would not stop! He ended up having to go to the ER, but he is fine now. 

Night Night Clay

       Clay's last night as a two year old!

Road Trip Party

For Chloe's 8th birthday we decided to invite two friends and do her favorite things. We decorated the van and picked up the girls. Our first stop was justice where they each picked out an 8 dollar treat. Of course Chloe headed straight towards the Beanie Babies! We then headed to get our nails painted. Next, was dinner at Chloe's all time fave-Pei Wei. Lastly, we went to Braums for ice cream and presents! We had a fun evening!