Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm afraid I'll forget. . .

Coleman has taken to saying I'm head over heels. Unfortunately he uses it in the wrong scenarios, like when he's mad. It amuses me. Today in the car he kept saying something and I could not figure out what he was talking about??? He kept saying this is my latest hour, after a little figuring out I realized he was saying this is my finest hour.

Friday, June 14, 2013

St. Louis Day 1

Day one of our vacation to St. Louis consisted of the hard part-the driving! But thank the LORD, it wasn't that bad! About six hours later we pulled into the hotel.
  The hotel chain Cole loves to stay at is the Drury Inn. They have snacks, breakfast, and dinner. While I don't love the dinner, it is cheap and is full of kid friendly foods. What kid doesn't love a hotel pool? The pools at the Drury are half outside and half inside. The kids love to swim under the wall to get to the other part of the pool. 

After dinner and swimming we headed to the arch. I'm not going to lie-I hated the trip up the arch. It was claustrophobic and scared me, but it was worth it. Once I got up there it was fine, and the ride down was much easier. In about five years I'd love to bring my kids back to look through the museum again. I guess I didn't remember learning in school how much history 
there was in St. Louis.

  The most important view for my sports loving boy-the baseball field. There wasn't a game, but the Sandlot was playing on the jumbo tron and people were camped out in the outfield-how fun!

Cole felt like this was one of the key things for us to see in St. Louis! A Target with an escalator for people and one for carts-it was pretty fun!

Our last stop for the night was Ted Drewes! I think the custard place has been there for 75 years! It was yummy! I got the All Shook Up-banana, pb & chocolate. The kids all got Sundaes in baseball cups.  It was close to 10 by the time we got in bed and another awesome thing is that ALL the kids went straight to sleep. I know it's hard traveling with kids and there were times in the arch that I thought we shouldn't take another family vacation until Clay is 20, but we are making memories!