Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School

Where did summer go???? It went way to fast! We had our annual first day of school breakfast to usher in the new year!

This boy was super excited and didn't seem one bit nervous!

Chloe's teacher looped so the first day was less stressful!

           Clay is such a big helper!

    Coleman and his new teacher!

Coleman found his table and started right to work! He didn't need a long goodbye, he was ready to start the day!

We had lunch with the kids the first day, probably not the best idea. It was nice to know they were having such a great day!
     Coleman's class walking out.

    Thanks to Target we had some 
     yummy after school cupcakes!

Thankfully, this year has started off great!
Many prayers were prayed! Such a different start to kindergarten than Chloe's!