Saturday, December 28, 2013

Basketball 2013

We had two very successful basketball seasons!
Coleman and Chloe both did awesome and were league champs!

 I can usually get one good photo if I promise they
can do a silly one later.

My basketball pictures aren't great. It's hard to take pictures
and watch a two year old at the same time.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Sadly, I did not take very many pictures this year for Christmas. 
My kids in typical fashion were easy to buy for! 
Chloe decided she wanted a Stuffie, and wanting to be like his
big Sister, Coleman decided he wanted one too.
Clay, who at the time just wanted a dinosaur, got one too!

Clay's Santa gift and stocking:

Chloe's stocking and Stuffie:

Coleman's stocking and Stuffie:

One of the best gifts Coleman received in his stocking was Chinese Checkers.
That game has provided a lot of fun entertainment for us!

Clay was very happy about getting Brobee!

After Christmas at our house, we spent Christmas in Texas with the
Grandparents. I will have to look on my phone to see if I have any pics, because
apparently I didn't take any with my camera.

Friday, September 6, 2013


There have been some conversations lately that I don't want to forget. One just happened between Coleman and Clay. 

Clay just dumped out all of Coleman's baseball cards and ripped one. Coleman pretty much lost it and exclaimed, "my baseball cards, do you know how much those meant to me?". Poor Coleman!

Coleman sat by a classmate named Hannah. I asked if she was nice. He said,  "yes, aren't all girls nice?". I wish!
The next day he wanted to invite her over for a play date.

Clay has two main things he says a lot. One is "That hurt a little bit". He says that a lot. The other thing is "that's to much". He says that if it is to much or if it isn't enough. He can't understand the difference. 

Chloe wore her cross necklace to school the other day and witnessed to a kid. She said he didn't believe in God, but she was going to keep trying. Sweet Girl!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


When Cole was on his mission trip I decided I would take the kids to ride the carousel at the mall. I was brilliant and didn't bring any cash. So, we wandered the mall in an attempt to get something to make up for my mistake. 

Chloe wanted to look in Build-a-bear. I in no way even thought about buying them bears, & she didn't even ask (at first).  I decided they could all get a cheap one. They each picked one out and we took them to get stuffed. Clay freaked out an did not want his stuffed. He opted for an already made mini stuffie-a turtle. I managed to walk out of there with only spending about 35$. That was money well spent-it had been a long week.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School

Where did summer go???? It went way to fast! We had our annual first day of school breakfast to usher in the new year!

This boy was super excited and didn't seem one bit nervous!

Chloe's teacher looped so the first day was less stressful!

           Clay is such a big helper!

    Coleman and his new teacher!

Coleman found his table and started right to work! He didn't need a long goodbye, he was ready to start the day!

We had lunch with the kids the first day, probably not the best idea. It was nice to know they were having such a great day!
     Coleman's class walking out.

    Thanks to Target we had some 
     yummy after school cupcakes!

Thankfully, this year has started off great!
Many prayers were prayed! Such a different start to kindergarten than Chloe's!