Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lego Land Discovery Center Review

We recently went to visit the Lego Land Discovery Center at Grapevine Mills Mall.
I really didn't do my research, but just knew I wanted something to do while we were in town.
Make sure you book on-line! You get a discount, plus you will be guaranteed entrance.
Also, you don't have to wait in the same line as those that have to buy there tickets.

We got there about 9:45 and were at the beginning of the line.

When you first get there you go to a ten minute professor Brick Brack introduction of Legos.
He goes over how legos are made. I am sure older kids would appreciate this, it won't over my kids heads.

After that you ride one of the two rides. It was a little scary at first. You are trying to rescue the princess. If your child can't walk they can't ride the ride. Luckily, we had a grandparent there who could hold the baby.

Afterwards we went to see the 3-D movie, Bob the Builder.
My three and five year old liked the movie a lot.
I love to see kids stick their hands out at 3-D movies.

The best part of Lego Land was the miniature version of Dallas and Fort Worth Landmarks.
My son loved the Cowboys and Rangers stadiums.
It is amazing to see!

There is also another ride, lego car building with ramps, and two play areas.
My kids loved the big play area.
Make sure your kids have socks to play on the big play area.
It was like a glorified mall play ground to me.
It would be hard to imagine older kids liking the Discovery Center.

Overall, it is a fun place to take the younger kids to play.
It is a little pricey.
It was very clean!!!!
And finally, my kids were able to each get a souvenir.
We got a cheap, make your own lego guy for $3 each.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday was this past Monday.
One of the main things I asked for was to just spend time with the fam, and we did!
We woke up with doughnuts!
We sold our car.
We went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants,
but discovered I think I like it better as a date night.

After dinner we opened gifts. I got a griddle/grill pan, new skillet and a new workout shirt.

Cole and the kids did great with the gifts!
Thanks for celebrating me!