Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm still not caught up on my blog, but I'm going to take a minute to record some randomness.  This week has been our first full week of summer break. We have gone swimming 3 days in a row in not so hot weather.  Chloe is quite the swimmer and will even swim laps. Coleman is getting better and better. He can swim, just doesn't want to do the swim test at the pool. Clay knows no fear, and doesn't understand why he can't go on the big water slides.

Cole introduced the kids to washers last night. If you have been to my house you know we play all kinds of sports indoors. I didn't feel quite confident with Clay throwing metal washers in my living room. Cole quickly said what could he do? Literally, the next second he hit Coleman right in the head. 

Coleman has always been my main cooking assistant. Clay has decided now that he is a helper too. He gets a chair up to the counter at rapid speed, and says "I cook". He is more into quality control than anything else. It hasn't definitely made Coleman a little sad that someone else is trying to take his place.

Clay's obsession of Veggie Tales has had to die down a bit. He has figured out how to get to the DVDs and has broken quite a few. I am having to keep them hidden. He is quite the talker. It is so fun when kids go from saying words to full out conversation.

We are trying to stay active this summer and have lots of fun! We need to stay active so we can enjoy treats!

We did lots of bug hunting at my parents house last week. The dollar store had bug houses, which was a great way to spend a dollar! Chloe could play with the bugs for hours. Clay kept using his bug tweezers in the dirt. He thought he was getting lots of bugs, but really was just getting clumps of dirt.