Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open Ended Art-Crayons


This weeks theme for Open Ended Art was Crayons. I thought that I would let my girl pick some flowers (one of her favorite things to do) and try to do some rubbings. This worked for a few minutes then she decided to try coloring on the flowers. She then moved to one of her other things to do-trace hands. I am a little scared at the hand she did for me. Coleman decided he was going to throw the crayons today. In his defense he has not been feeling well. Next week is mosaics: pebbles. Since I have no pebbles I am going to have to go on a hunt!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chocolate play dough

Am I really making play dough, b/c it sure doesn't smell like it!

I found a new blog that is amazing! She had a recipe for chocolate play dough that I just had to try. I was literally in bed last night anticipating it! She talked about how it really smelled like chocolate and I was a bit cynical! This is the most amazing play dough I have ever smelled! I was a little worried Chloe would want to eat it, but thankfully she didn't! She loved playing with it, and so did her brother! I just love the way they play together (most of the time).

Open Ended Art-Yellow with mixed media

My little man is ready to create with his apron and shoes on! I am glad we had the art apron on!!


So, this go around we did yellow with mixed media. Wasn't too sure about what to do with this one. I just put out different things my big girl could create with. I really had to try and not get frustrated, b/c she wasn't creating on the paper I wanted her to use. I am trying to get them to do at least some work on paper to make a book for them. She decided she was going to paint and use construction paper to make her one of a kind creation. Today I gave her another go at it with some yellow paint mixed with sand. I find that she starts off by painting things, for example today was an easter egg, then she just completely covers the page with paint. So, I feel like all of our pages are going to look the same. Any ideas for this, or should I let her do her thing?

My little boy once again was doing great for about five minutes. I let him only have paint and crayons.

Go get involved in open ended art at Teaching My Little Bookworm's Blog

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Open Ended Art-Mixing with Yellow

Today we started our Open Ended Art from Teaching My Little Bookworm. I was adventurous and let my little guy join in the fun. I do have to remember that he has a short attention span. He did pretty well for about 3-4 minutes and then decided it was time to taste test the paint, oh well.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Open Ended Art-Yellow and Prints

I decided to try Open Ended Art from Teaching My Little Bookworm's blog. I am not sure how well I did with the whole thing??? I thought it was supposed to be just let the kids do whatever they wanted with the supplies (which is really hard for me), but then I saw on other people's blogs how they had their kids do handprints and footprints, so I am not sure if I did it right or not??? Please excuse my grammar.

I gave Chloe some items she could make prints with and then let her go for it, I did make her do a handprint.