Monday, August 24, 2015

first day of school 2015-2016

We had our first day of school today and overall it was a big success!

How can this girl be a 4th grader????

Teacher-Mrs. Hawkinson
Wants to be a children's pastor when she grows up.
Favorite thing about this summer was going to the beach and the Dolphin Cruise.
Looking most forward to being picked by teacher to go to Sonic in 4th grade.
Currently likes playing and getting ready for the new baby.

This sweet boy is in second grade, I wish he was still in preschool.

Teacher-Ms. Castro
Wants to be a famous baseball player when he grows up.  
Favorite thing about the summer was going on the Dolphin Cruise at the beach.
Most looking forward to science in second grade.
Currently his favorite thing to do is play sports.

 Clay won't start school until after Labor Day, but he insisted on having his picture made too!

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